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VanRossun Windows enhances Austin homes with the finest-quality Andersen® Windows products. Our replacement windows are carefully selected to enhance your home and your view without overwhelming it. Don’t let a damaged or out-of-date window hinder the way you view the world — let Austin’s window experts help you capture the beauty of your environment within in the perfect frame.

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Austin Home Remodel News and Information:

Metal Siding? Worth a Look.

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Metal roofing has long been known to some, especially those who live in areas with extreme weather conditions, as a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance alternative to traditional roofing materials. Now metal siding is coming into its own, and is being used in more and more new housing projects due to its versatility and reliability. Imagine never having to worry about mold or insects, and having a house that will be very resistant to external fire. That’s a metal sided home.

You don’t have to cover your entire house in metal to enjoy it’s visual appeal.  Metal siding can be combined with wood, stone, and other materials to create a dynamic, modern look for the exterior of your home.

This house combines red metal siding, stone, and wooden shingles

There are two primary types of metal siding: aluminum and steel. Aluminum is lighter, cheaper to install and cheaper to purchase. Like many lighter, cheaper things, however, it doesn’t have the strength and durability of its pricier counterpart, steel siding. If you live in an area that is unaffected by strong windstorms (which might blow debris into the siding) and heavy hailstorms, or are just looking for an aesthetic update that doesn’t need to last in perfect condition for years, then aluminum siding might be enough.

Steel siding is for those who would like to erect a barrier between themselves and the elements. It provides more insulation that aluminum, is resistant to dents and scratches, and maintains its color longer. Consult your contractor, to see what has worked for other homeowners in your area.

In terms of price, aluminum and steel siding are comparable to wood. They are more expensive than vinyl, and les expensive than stone. The chart below gives an idea of what a 1,000 square foot project might cost. Materials and labor cost were calculated using’s material installation cost calculator for the Austin area, and of course the cost of your actual renovation could vary widely. This chart just lets you see where aluminum and steel siding fit into the spectrum of siding materials. The bars for low end and high end reflect the variable quality and cost of materials and installation techniques.

As you can see, aluminum and steel siding are price competitive. If you’re interested in learning more, call VanRossun at (512) 263-9244, and let us give you advice and a free estimate for your siding project.

Siding Options for your Austin Home Remodel

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If you are planning on remodeling your home, be sure to consider the options for the exterior.  Sure, it’s not what people are looking at once they go inside the house, but it protects the inside of your home, and is responsible for the first impression.  Make sure that the exterior of your home lives up to the personality and craftsmanship of the interior while offering the proper protection and insulation.

Here is a list of popular siding for new homes and remodels this year:

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    Wood - can be painted or stained, and offers a long life and a natural look.  It is a renewable resource, and you can choose from a variety of looks to suit your style.  Wood does require a moderate amount of upkeep to prevent rot and weather damage, however,  and depending on the species, wood can be costly.

  • Vinyl Siding Remodel

    Vinyl Siding - Photo courtesy of

    Vinyl Siding - is made of PVC.  while there are several different levels of quality to choose from there are some basic things that are important to know.  The overall cost is low compared to other siding options, there are numerous colors and styles available, and it will not rot or be susceptible to insect damage.  The downside to Vinyl siding is that sometimes the lower quality brands end up looking cheap, once you choose a color you are stuck with it, and there are no custom colors you can only choose from what is offered, and it can be difficult to patch or repair a part of the house that has been damaged.

  • Engineered Wood - Photo courtesy of

    Engineered Wood - is a compound made from sawdust and a bonding agent.  This process cuts down on the amount wood that goes into the material, cutting down  the environmental impact relative to all wood siding.  Additionally, engineered wood options are cheaper than regular wood.  It is lighter and easier to install because each piece is uniformly constructed, reducing installation costs and material waste.  Engineered wood is virtually maintenance free, requiring only a yearly cleaning from a pressure washer to maintain the look and longevity of the exterior of your home.  Lastly, engineered wood is extremely durable;  it will not crack, split, or warp after installation.

  • Photo Courtesy of

    Stucco - Traditionally stucco is a cement based that is mixed with materials such as sand.   Stucco is colored with a dye, so it can be any color you like, and will maintain that color for its lifetime. Stucco is a product that can vary widely. Make sure you get high quality material installed by a reputable contractor, or you will be dealing with patching and other maintenance work faster than you think.

  • Photo Courtesy of

    Metal – Obviously this type of siding is very durable.  There is a wide variety, but the most popular are aluminum and seamless steel.  These can be purchased in different styles, you can get metal sidings that look similar to wood texture, or you can go for the modern industrial look and get corrugated steel.  Aluminum is often used instead of vinyl siding since the costs and durability and maintenance are very similar.  It will dent and fade, but it wont crack, and it is considered to be safe for your health and the environment.

  • Brick / Stone - this is often considered to be the best choice for the siding of your house, if you like the look.  It is not usually a cheap option,  but properly built stone and brick homes will endure almost any kind of weather, offer good insulation and low maintenance, and just stick around for a long, long time.

Of course, whatever you decide to put on your home’s exterior, is should be appropriate for the climate.  It should protect and insulate.  That’s why having a contractor you can trust to provide honest advice and expertise is so important for an exterior remodel.  VanRossun has a proud history of satisfied clients and outstanding remodels in the Austin area. So give us a call at (512) 263-9244, and we’ll talk about what siding options are best for your Asutin home and price range.

Austin Window Remodel Popular Styles 2013

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Spring is almost here, which means its time to invigorate your home with fresh styles.  Its usually pretty easy to tell when your windows could use replacement: visible water damage,  cracks in the frame, and scratched glass are all good indicators that it’s time for a window to go.  What can be harder to determine is what to replace them with and which style best suits your home.  This is what we will be looking at today.


There are an endless variety of unique windows, but in general the seven types covered in this article are the type you can be sure you will be able to open – not a small consideration here in Austen. Read on to get an idea for each.

  1. Double or Single Hung Windows slide open vertically and may be opened from the top or the bottom.
  2. Sliding Windows open horizontally and come in either single sliding or double sliding styles that can be opened from either side.  This style window is more durable than vertical sliding windows.  Springs and pulleys wear out and fail over time, sliding windows don’t rely on these minimizing the number of parts that can break.  They also usually utilize window glazing which increases energy efficiency and insulation.
  3. Casement, aka Rollout Windows are hinged and operated via hand-crank or simply push to open.  They open away from the home so they can block wind blowing from the side.  Rollout windows are simply half of a casement window that only opens from one side.  These are usually used in bathrooms.
  4. Awning Windows are essentially rollout windows mounted sideways.  They are hinged at the top and open outward.
  5. Hopper Windows are reversed and they open from the bottom and inward.  They are usually found in basements or attics.
  6. Awning Windows have awnings, and protect the open window from rain, making them ideal for damp climates.
  7. Louvered Windows tilt open to allow ventilation and are  usually operated with a rollout type handle or lever.  Best suited for mild climates and non climate controlled rooms.  They have great ventilation due to their slatted design and allow beautiful unobstructed views.  The main drawback is because of the slatted design they are much less energy efficient and almost impossible to fully seal. Not recommended for Austin summers.

Now that you have an idea what options you can choose from your next step is to reach out to your contractor and discuss what works with your style home and where the greatest benefits can be made.  If your interested in learning more about windows visit Windows styles.




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